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Current version: PlayElephant 3.48 RC (
distribution kit built 17 Sep 2021, 04:15:14 MSK

installationoperating system
PlayElephant for Windows, zipedWindows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/10
PlayElephant for Mac OS, ziped *Mac OS
zip-archive *Linux, FreeBSDhelp
System requirements: All Windows versions from Windows 98, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD — any OS having Java compatible with Oracle Java JRE SE 1.8 or higher.
*JRE SE 1.8 or higher is required. Download from Oracle web-site.

Beta version: PlayElephant 3.48 beta (
distribution kit built 17 Sep 2021, 04:07:10 MSK

You can help PlayElephant to develop. This version is fully useful; main difference is that it is often updated: new options appear but errors are possible.

installationoperating system
Beta for Windows, zipedWindows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/10
Beta for Mac OS *Mac OS
zip-archive *Linux, FreeBSDhelp
System requirements and notes are the same with release.

Important note

Software needs write access to the directory where it is installed